The Coffee

Our SMOAK blend coffee is roasted fresh weekly and delivered every Friday, combining this with state of the art equipment and awesome baristas SMOAK offers you the best that coffee has to offer. We also offer a rotating single origin coffee and a cracking filter option.

2023 coffee shop of the year nominee

The Salt Beef

We buy our briskets whole and cure in-house for 10-30 days. Our brine is made by us and has evolved since we opened to provide great flavour and a perfect cure. Once ready the beef is slow cooked in veg stock until it falls apart.

Enjoy your Salt beef hot, NY Style with sauerkraut, pickles and our own mustard mayo, or European style, chilled with lettuce, tomato and mayo. Who else cures the meat on their BLT?

The vegan

You won’t be short of options at SMOAK, in fact we have as many vegan options available at SMOAK as we do meat. We make everything from our aubergine, to our mushrooms and even marinade and smoak our organic Tofu in-house.

The sauces

We smoak our chillies, garlic and aubergine in-house to make our SMOAK sauces!

Our chilli smoaked harissa won’t blow your head off with heat which means we can smother it on your bagels for extra flavour.

Our smoaked aubergines and garlic are used to create our very own aubergine and garlic puree.

And that’s it! Simple, top quality produce with a bit of effort put in!

The Bagels

Plain and seeded bagels freshly baked each morning in North Manchester and delivered at 5am the same day, you can’t get fresher!

Simplicity at its best

The Mid Week Takeout deal

Any bagel and coffee for £9.50, I challenge you to find quality like this for less!

About Us

We were delighted when we found our premises, a small quaint property in the Lower Underbank, Stockport, but fate had other plans, a global pandemic and lockdown. On the day lockdown was announced all legal hurdles disappeared and everything was ready to complete, we walked away narrowly avoiding disaster before even starting.

Fast forward a few years and we were very hungry to get started. Nine unsuccessful offers on sites before stumbling across lucky number ten. It was a doer upper but this was a hurdle we could overcome and it was oozing potential. Our friends and family were amazing and did everything to assist in creating the beautiful space you see today.